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Widow Winslow 🦋🧿

new music otw 💛🤘 stream ik 👇

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Widow Winslow 🦋🧿

its been the most transformative yet bittersweet year of my life, but im alive, blessed, and empowered more than ever. found myself on several side quests to alchemize the pain and loss in my life into something meaningful and with that i found myself in ways i never had before. i got a little sidetracked on my journey with self, but i have a few new songs id like to share before the end of the year. i was going to put out the last snippet i posted next, but im delaying that one for something more special to me. this snippet is a 2 part song and it was one of @august08’s favorites. release date tba. carrying out the plan, and no matter what happens, im doing this for you now 💛🕊️ i love you forever, thank you for believing in me like nobody ever has, and more importantly, thank you for showing me how to believe in myself. we’re doing this shit fr now.

Posted on October 23, 2023 03:10 AM


Widow Winslow 🦋🧿


Posted on June 21, 2023 06:06 AM


Widow Winslow 🦋🧿

thank u guys for the love on ik 🥹 received some of the sweetest messages this last week and i love each and every one of u. next single loading ❤️

Posted on April 28, 2023 12:04 AM


Widow Winslow 🦋🧿

ik is out now everywhere ahhhh!!! prod @arcanebeats_ engineered by @mavericc__ and @noxlauren mixed and mastered by @mavericc__ written by me & cover art by me ❤️

Posted on April 21, 2023 09:04 AM


Widow Winslow 🦋🧿

ik comes out in 2 days!! ARE U EXCITED?!?!

Posted on April 19, 2023 08:04 PM


Widow Winslow 🦋🧿

my song, ik, comes out on 4/21 ❤️ pre-save link is in my bio, if u send me a pre-save screenshot, i will send u a private link to another song i will be dropping soon exclusively on soundcloud!! been wanting to drop this song for awhile and im so happy to finally be sharing it with you guys ❤️❤️ shoutout to everyone who worked on the song: prod @arcanebeats_ engineered by @mavericc__ and @noxlauren mixed and mastered by @mavericc__ written by me & cover art by me ❤️ also huge shoutout @monemilli the 🐐 for helping me make this release possible 🫶 been super consistent in creating some of my favorite music over the last two years, expect more soonnnn 🤭

Posted on April 07, 2023 11:04 PM


Widow Winslow 🦋🧿

turning commands off, im not a robot 🤖

Posted on April 04, 2023 08:04 PM


Widow Winslow 🦋🧿

new song soon? 👀

Posted on March 06, 2023 11:03 PM


Widow Winslow 🦋🧿

i hope 23 is kind to me

Posted on February 12, 2023 06:02 PM


Widow Winslow 🦋🧿

at fault is out now everywhere btw ❤️ thank u for the love, keep running it up!!

Posted on January 16, 2023 03:01 AM


Widow Winslow 🦋🧿

at fault comes out in 2 days and im in la making music with my homies life is so good ❤️❤️

Posted on January 12, 2023 04:01 AM


Widow Winslow 🦋🧿

at fault in 11 days ❤️ can’t even put into words what a rollercoaster the last year of my life has been, but needless to say, im thankful for the journey. reminiscing and also wondering where i’ll be this time next year. wherever 2023 takes me, i hope it’s for the better ❤️

Posted on January 03, 2023 12:01 AM


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